Counseling Services

Austin Individual Therapy

Are you struggling with life satisfaction? Is your life story keeping you from moving forward?

I understand that each individual carries a story that is unique to them and obstacles and challenges are distinctive to your life. Your life experiences mold the person that you are and determine how you have learned to manage and process the struggles that you are challenged with from time to time.

Austin Couples Counseling

When couples begin a relationship they often recognize all of the similarities between them and tend to put less focus on the differences that can lead to challenges over time. We may tend to idealize our partners as we are falling in love and not recognize that along with the similarities that brought you together are also differences.

Premarital Counseling

I help couples prepare for marriage by educating them about how all relationships evolve and change over time. My hope is to help couples understand the unique identity that each person brings into a marriage and learning to honor that uniqueness through healthy communication and conflict resolution.